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IPPW 2021


Venus Exploration
Tuesday, August 3rd 2021

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A renaissance in in situ Venus exploration is underway with concepts for classic probe missions, aerial platforms, lander and rover missions all being actively considered. This session includes both the scientific platform technologies and the experiments that will be conducted from them. Of particular interest are innovative techniques for exploring Venus that employ methods for coping with and/or exploiting its severe environment. With the intriguing question of whether phosphine exists in the cloud layer of Venus still being debated, platforms and techniques that can explore the “cloud habitability zone” will be of great interest.  


Session Coordinators:

Robert Buchwald (ESA), Patricia Beauchamp (JPL), Ashley Korzun (NASA-Langley), Jim Cutts (JPL), Colin Wilson (Oxford University)

Poster Session Coordinators:

Manuel Dominguez (UPC), Jacob Izraelavitz (JPL), Clara O'Farrell (JPL), Lin Li (NASA Langley)

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Virtual Workshop Program (Tuesday, August 3rd 2021)

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Poster Sessions
Posters and poster session presentation videos will be posted one week before the session.
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Gilles Bailet

Bridging the gap between Aerobots and Landers for Venus

Link to PDF

Weston Buchanan

Aerial Platform System Design For Finding Life At Venus

Marcus Murbach

System Design Considerations for a Small Venus Entry Probe Missions

Iain Moore

Multi-probe In-situ Detection of GasEous Species (MIDGES): A low-cost mission to detect PH3 in the Venusian atmosphere

Link to PDF

Javid Bayandor

TANDEM: Tensegrity Rover for Exploration of Venusian Tessera

Link to PDF

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Venus Exploration
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